Welcome to Sushi Heaven

Sho-Dan is a work of art! Don’t believe me? Just read!

I know my pictures don’t seem like this place is appetizing, but that’s only because I forgot my camera. I took the pictures super quick because everyone was starving waiting to eat. SORRY NOT SORRY everyone!

In the heart of Downtown, a polished dining room with a chef known for his signature and creative rolls is by far the best sushi place in Montreal. And this place, is called Shô-Dan. On Metcalfe Street, you can’t miss it!

The specialties are the chef’s best course meals and I totally recommend everyone to have that if you end up going there. My favourites are the Besame Mucho, Lips, Mango Tango and the Tuna Flower. The fish they serve has never been so fresh and tasty so all the tools you get with red and white tuna or salmon will leave you wanting for more. The sushi pizza, on the first picture above, doesn’t look that tasty once again, but it is the best sushi pizza in Montreal! Not too heavy, no cream or mayonnaise added; only the simple and fresh ingredients.

I will hopefully go again sometimes soon and get better pictures for you all!

Have you ever been to Shô-Dan?

2020, rue Metcalfe, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1X8, Canada