Have you guys walked the Brooklyn Bridge before?










Staying in Manhattan during my week visit in New York, it was essential that I also make a quick stop in Brooklyn. Obviously cabs are the most common way of transportation in this big and crazy city. I decided that walking along the Brooklyn bridge was a way better idea than sitting in a car!

And so, I put on my New Balance sneakers and started walking with my friends and family. The weather was fantastic and so many people were walking along the sidewalk. Some were biking and cars we’re also passing by. What a diversity!

I carved my name into the bridge with my house key and then continued walking toward the end of it. So many objects were put everywhere, even tampons as you can probably see in the pictures below. And after this long walk, we all treated ourselves with the best pizza in Brooklyn, actually known to be the restaurant under the bridge, Grimaldi’s.

Melted mozzarella topped with fresh harvested tomato sauce and half with black olives, so so good!

Where We Ate

I then strolled around Brooklyn to get a view of how this part of the city was and I loved it!

And because everything has to come to an end, we all took a ferry back to Manhattan after a long day of walking.

I’ll be back soon Brooklyn!