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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!

Finally en route to Vermont! As we were getting ready, I couldn’t resist putting on my Mickey Mouse long sleeve; it has the softest texture and is definitely the comfiest top to wear to travel. Since it has a lot of details, I kept the rest simple and in the same color zone, as you can see. So I put on my black suede shorts and black Birkenstocks and paired it all with a denim jacket for the style to be different. For the touch ups, I put on my favorite go-to H&M black suede hat that literally foes with everything and nothing. Whenever I am in the mood of wearing a hat, this one goes on my head. Let’s not forget that it is black, meaning it can go with everything!

After going through the US custom and driving another two hours, we decided to make a stop at the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory, who wouldn’t stop by! First of all, the factory was crowded and full of people but hey! This didn’t mean we didn’t get to stuff our face with ice cream. We walked by the ice cream graveyard with all the flavors that don’t exist anymore, some people felt quite emotional, not going to lie. Then, we went into the shop and got full bowls of ice cream for the road back, it was delicious!

A Special Guest

Our dog came with us along this road trip and smelling all the sweet scents and flavors, he couldn’t stop barking and running around everywhere! We obviously made him taste the ice cream we got when we got to the hotel and if he could hug us and say we are the best, I think he would! Look at this face, he was so happy after tasting the chocolate brownie.


Cold, sweet, crunchy bites and creamy texture, Ben & Jerry really knows how to make the perfect ice cream! We unfortunately didn’t visit the factory itself since we visited it a year back but I will for sure be back to taste the rest of the ice cream flavors they have!

Have you visited the Ben & Jerry’s factory?

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1281 Waterbury-Stowe Road, Route 100, Waterbury, VT