The Beauty of New York Fashion Week

Today was the first day of New York Fashion Week February season. And what a day it was! After waking up late, putting an outfit in five seconds, and running in heels to my Uber pool who went to the wrong address, I got to Industria, where the show was about to start. 

Today’s show was Indonesian Diversity. It was a show of four different creators who portrayed the themes of hijab fashion, African rhythm, Arabesque and belly dancers mixed with the tropics, and more! 

This was my second New York Fashion Week. There are no words that can describe the feelings I get throughout the day. I wake up nervous to find the perfect outfit, then stressed to make it on time, then impatient for the show to start, then an adrenaline rush when the lights turn off, after that comes pure joy of seeing these models walk by. There is also a few seconds of “Oh my god, I am really here”. 

The moment you step foot out of that ride you came from, you enter a secret world of influencers, bloggers, editors, photographers, individuals who live and breathe fashion, and who wants to create content, post, see, analyze, write and drool over garments that are simply fabulous. 

The best part of it all? At least to me, is the people you meet! Just today, I met incredible women who work as interns for influencers, who run their own food blog, who are CEOs of such interesting businesses, and more, more, more! Some of the girls are friendly, some of them are snobby, but it is important to remember that they have the same interest as you… fashion.

In September, I went to the Dan Liu show which was at Spring Studios on Varick Street. Spring Studios is where the biggest shows occur during Fashion Week. I met way more people then than today. It starts with a smile, then an Instagram follow, and then meeting up for coffee or dinner and finally, it becomes a friendship. I truly think this is the most magical and most beautiful thing of fashion week. What is better to have than a new friend who loves the same things as you? 

Tomorrow is Another Day

Tomorrow is another crazy day for me. I have 3 events and one show to attend! I can’t wait to meet new people.

Best part of today for me was not considering myself as a blogger during the show. When we were waiting in line, girls came up to me to ask me if I’m a blogger. I answered, “I used to be, but I’m now a fashion writer and focusing more on fashion journalism, I want to write”. It never felt so good saying this. 

Tag along for tomorrow’s adventures!