Eating at TAPEO made up my mind about which tapas restaurant is the best in Israel

I hope Tapeo gets a phone call from you guys tonight…

Visiting new places is something I adore, but eating at a restaurant I’ve never been to before, I adore even more!

Lucky for me, TAPEO is located in Herzliya Pituah, only few minutes away from my work office and so, after a busy day in front of two computer screens, I decided to go treat myself with some Spanish tapas. In three words: it was beyond!

In Spain, tapas are common dishes and I find it is so much better to have little portions of different kind of meals like that you can just taste a bit of everything!

TAPEO in Herzliya

In all honesty, it was pretty hard choosing something from all the options the menu had!

The fish ceviche the restaurant offered ranged from tuna to sea bass and these are the two fish I ordered. I’ve eaten a lot of raw fish before but this one was extraordinary. I wouldn’t exaggerate when I say it’s probably the best raw fish I’ve eaten in Israel.  The sea bass came with little pieces of radish and a jalapeño pepper for the taste while the tuna came with little herbs and mini pieces of cheese.

The beetroots salad was unbelievable as well, the goat cheese was the perfect texture to go with the vegetable and the sauce was exquisite!

The grilled asparagus were also divine! Perfectly cooked, grilled topped with a cauliflower sauce on them.

As for drinks, the white sangria was sweet just like I wanted. It had apple pieces inside and I think a peach syrup was added because it really had the flavor of it. YUM!

And of course, no meal is completed without a desert and TAPEO really made my night even better when looking at the list of deserts on the menu.

Churros, sorbet, chocolate cake, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE NOT TO ORDER IT ALL?

Obviously the churros came on the table 5 minutes later and one bite of it made me think I was in Spain for a second. They tasted exactly like real churros! Full of sugar with chocolate and dolce de leche dips but oh well!

The creme brulee was also perfect, crunchy on top and mushy inside! It had the perfect taste to end the dinner.

TAPEO in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, the menu is the same. The only difference is the display of the plates! There you go!

I will definitely be back at TAPEO. The service was amazing, always making sure we had everything we needed or wanted. The restaurant was clean and filled with good music and atmosphere. And well, most importantly, the food was delightful!

What did you like most at TAPEO?

Arieh Shenkar St 9, Herzliya

Haa’rba St 16, Tel Aviv