Honestly, what’s better than living in the middle of the city and ten minutes away from the beach? To me, this is the best of both world, you get to run your errands right under your house but you can also take a taxi to the beach and be there in only a few minutes. This is what makes my day because I seriously love the beach and the ocean. I mean, look how clear the water is in these pictures I took.

This Water

Of course, sand is not something I enjoy, especially when it sticks to my body all day, but I just rinse it off in the ocean and that’s all! The beach in Herzliya is different than the one in Tel Aviv; there are less people, more space, the water is clearer and colder somehow. I just love floating in the ocean waiting for waves to come nearby, and this is exactly what I do when I go to the beach in Herzliya. Above, you can see pictures I took because I couldn’t believe how pretty the water was when I went last time! I am obsessed, what can I say! Can’t wait to share with you all more of my ocean adventures!


Enjoy the sun everyone.