I had an opportunity of a lifetime last week! I was invited to Armel’s showroom for this summer’s 2017 colours trends.

Armel was founded by two brothers who were born in Morocco who then came to Israel at the age of 18. The company opened its doors and since, they have been satisfying all of their potential customers.

I headed to the company’s store not having big thoughts on textiles. Little did I know, I left with a different impression. Textile is indeed, pure art. Not only it is hard to manipulate and be made, the colours and patterns chosen have to reflect some kind of inspiration. This is why the Armel team travels to  Germany, Paris, London and Milan once a year. Those three countries are definitely always on top of their fashion trends. Therefore, Armel gets inspired by what they see once they are there and then come back to work hard.

After a presentation on colours and trends for this summer 2017 by the talented colonist Keren Noyman, Armel showed us the trends they chose.

Armel does textile for interior couches to outdoor furnitures. The quality of their product will make you want to redecorate your entire house!

Hope you enjoy those four trends I myself found unbelievable! Xx

Armel’s 4 Trends for Summer 2017

1.Tropical Jungle

2. Baby Pinks

3. Back in the 70’s

4. A blue Japanese inspired

The Food

The food was also incredible BTW! The company is called The Feast by Daniel and they worked with Eyal Shani, an incredible chef in Israel!