WARNING! Prepare to get nauseous as you walk up the Tower of Pise

The Tower of Pisa


The leaning Tower of Pisa. Quite something right? It looks even better in real life than it does on pictures.

A day in Pisa was all we needed on our Day 4 in Italy.

We took a quick train from Florence and got there in about an hour and a half.

The walk from the train station to the tower is about 30 minutes, depending on how fast or slow your walking pace is. Anyway, taking your time in the city of Pise is definitely worth it. The restaurants are open and ready to welcome new people at any time, the shops sell cute sunglasses and clothes and it’s obviously super fun to stop along the way to take pictures.

When we got to the tower, I couldn’t help but explode of laughter at how not straight it was. It was so weird and the only tower I’ve ever seen in my life that was so tilted. We waited another half hour, a bit more, before heading inside to walk up the stairs.

I really thought walking up would be straighter than the tower itself but to my disappointment it wasn’t and I got so nauseous! We were super exhausted when we got to the top, the tower seems smaller than it actually is.

Of course, when we got back on the ground, we took pictures and failed miserably. These two are the only good shots we got of the typical pictures at the Tower of Pisa.

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