Day 2 in the city that NEVER sleeps, still not tired though.

My second day in New York City was one of the busiest. After getting ready, I went out for breakfast. Guess what I ordered guys? Coffee and croissant!

9/11 Memorial

First up was going to visit the 9/11 memorial museum located in the World Trade Centre District. The museum commemorates the fall of the two biggest towers in the city and the death of a thousand people on September 11, 2001. It was pretty crazy going to this museum knowing it happened right where you are standing. When we got to the place, the only thing that was there was two huge square shaped holes with water all around. Around the squares, hundreds and thousands of names were engraved in the stones. Everyone was putting flowers where they could and just staring at the blank there was all around them. It was quite a hard visit but very worth visiting since it’s so important to know about the biggest terror attack that occurred in America.

After the emotional experience at the museum, we walked into the Wall Street District. We found Chipotle at a corner, I couldn’t resist getting the chicken bowl with guac, rice, beans and tomatoes. Plus they don’t have it in Montreal.

And for my outfit details in the beautiful city, I wore black jeans that I cut at the knees myself, with a white simple shirt and a plaid thin jacket. Everything I added to my outfit made everything more chic. I put on my Ray-Ban sunglasse and a black hat. Of course, I carried my Celine mini bag, black Birkenstock and a cool but big necklace from Zara with black and grey details. This outfit was perfect for my second day in New York City.