This post is a bit different than usual guys! I really wanted to start writing some articles on specific garments I love. This one is from the Moschino Barbie Collection that I saw at the PINK exhibition back in September. Hope you guys don’t find this too boring. Open to any articles suggestions – just let me know what you want to read!

The Moschino Barbie Doll

In 1999, Jeremy Scott created and designed his first all-pink collection leading to the Barbie-inspired collection in 2009. He has described Barbie as “the perfect muse for a fashion designer”. She was indeed, an inspiration for his Spring/Summer 2015 Moschino collection.

The Season

This hot pink garment was done for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. You guys can notice it is short sleeved, cropped on the stomach and the skirt is above the knee. All of the details are noticeable such as the mini pockets, and the big silver zippers. But also, the collar of the short jacket assorted with the top part of the skirt. The two piece garment, I think, should be worn by a silhouette of a thin and skinny body. After the 2015 show, Moschino made the collection public and many influencers bought the garment including Chiara Ferragni, who is a very thin model not holding a curvy figure. Inspired by the iconic Barbie doll, this garment’s style is very retro, punk, feminine, and will bring you back to the 80’s style of flashy colors and Barbie dolls trend.

At the PINK Exhibition

The PINK exhibition, organized by museum’s director and chief curator, Dr. Valerie Steele, at the FIT museum featured 80 ensembles from the 18th century to the present in the set of two galleries. The Jeremy Scott garment was in the second gallery. The goal of the exhibition was to portray the color pink as one of strong feelings, attraction and repulsion. This is exactly the kind of effect Jeremy Scott’s garment provided. That hot pink and metallic details was just fascinating to look at. Next to the garment, was a Barbie doll in her box wearing the exact garment which helped the viewer visualize the inspiration behind the collection.

The Gallery

The Barbie doll pulled off this outfit as good as the models on the 2015 runway did. The skinny wax mannequin itself was the same as all of the others in the FIT museum gallery; apart from two who were wooden ones. Jeremy Scott’s garment is a little looser on the wax mannequin. The gallery is very dark, the lighting on the garment is perfectly adjusted; to portray beautiful shadows. The leather fabric and the metallic details are shining under the reflection of the light which is probably done on purpose by Valerie Steele.


Jeremy Scott’s inspiration behind the Barbie collection is genius. He states in Woman’s Wear Daily: “I wanted to bring all of the Moschino elements to Barbie, as I had done the reverse by bringing all of the Barbie elements to Moschino for the spring 2015 collection,” (WWD, 2015).