Jessica and I met during a Barre workout at the Mercedes Club. I loved the energy she gave as a fitness instructor. It isn’t everyday that you find yourself really truly enjoying a workout. Jessica makes it fun and easy while maintaining an exercise that will make your body WORK. I jumped to the occasion to interview her because you all need to hear about her fitness journey.

Meet Barre Instructor Jessica

Tell us who you are…
Courtney Cox from Friends meets Zooey Deschanel
Tell us more about your health and fitness journey…
Many years ago, my friend, who’s also a dancer, was teaching a dance fitness class that I was attending. One day he announced “next week I won’t be here but Jessica is subbing!” That was the first time I heard that. I was so scared. My first class I was so bad that everyone, except 1 person left. I don’t know why but I was hooked. I figured I should get trained on how to teach, so I did. Immediately, I loved it. Teaching was a natural transition
Have you always wanted to be a fitness instructor? 
I was a professional dancer and while I was dancing I learned how to teach. Teaching was a natural transition for me. When my dance career ended (it wasn’t dramatic. I just aged out) I was teaching a lot so it just became something that I did all the time.
What do you love most about your job? 
The most amazing thing is being a small part of someone’s day. People have lots of choices how to spend their time and they choose to spend time with me.
What are the challenges that come along? 
Dealing with “difficult” people/personalities. I try hard to give each student attention in my classes attention but sometimes it’s met with negative vibes. It’s something that is shocking to me EVERY time.
How do we find you?
@sassygirlfit on Instagram & Twitter and Sassy Girl Fitness NYC on Facebook
Any advice to people trying to start their own healthy journey? 
Take many group fitness classes until you find an instructor who you like and connect to. Their passion and energy will rub off on you. Get to know the instructor, that way they will notice if you aren’t in class. You have a built in accountability partner in your instructor.

Quicker Questions…

Dream city? Florence, Italy
Biggest pet peeve? Egomaniacs
Guilty pleasure? Nothing makes me feel guilty but what I do like that is silly is Gossip Magazines, like In Touch, People, US weekly, etc.
Biggest accomplishment? Being in print in Real Simple magazine. My workout was in a magazine! That was pretty cool!
One word that describes you? Friendly
I hope you guys enjoyed this amazing interview and hopefully join some of her classes if you are NYC based. If you want to be featured next, send me a message on Instagram, or email! Thanks for tuning in today guys.