Swimming and Exploring the Sea of Galilee

Hello Sea of Galilee: truly magical and invaded by nature.


The Sea of Galilee is perfection.

Visiting the Kinneret was truly an experience I will never forget. It’s crazy how in only a few hours, you could get to the most beautiful places in Israel. To be in a complete opposite environment than the busy city. Indeed, the north of Israel happens to be the largest freshwater lake: the Sea of Galilee or as everyone knows it, the Lake Kinneret.

On this two day trip, we not only hiked in the water and got out feed soaked. We also got to stay at a Kibbutz (gathering in Hebrew) with the most incredible view of the lake as you can see above. The Kibbutz had the cutest little rooms with beautiful bathrooms. All together, we were getting ready for a BBQ by the sea. The meat was too good and the sunset was even better.

After the Hike

We started off trying NOT to wet our feet but this obviously didn’t last for long ha! We eventually got our feet wet but also all the way to our stomach since the water got deeper and deeper. I gotta say it was fun getting out of the city and breathing fresh air in the north of Israel.

I highly recommend everyone to get out of their house this weekend and to drive up to the North, it will be totally worth it, trust me.

Have you been to the Sea of Galilee?