Warm sand between my toes, bronzed skin and a smile on my face, thank you Bahamas!


When thinking of the Bahamas, we automatically have an image of people lying down by the beach looking at the light blue sky and clear transparent ocean, just relaxing and not doing anything!

Well, this is exactly what the Bahamas is for! Welcome to paradise!

Have you guys been there already? If yes, let me know in the comments below!

From Montreal, a direct flight to San Salvador, an island from the Bahamas, does not exist since the airport there is tiny. So, after a short layover in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, my family and I jumped in the next flight, on our way to where the ocean is as clear as in 1492. It was snowing and super cold in Montreal as you can see below so excited was not even close to explaining how I was feeling.

En Route




When we landed, I right away got my black coffee with ice, my absolute favorite. I tried to smile but too much sun in my eyes as you can see.


After unpacking and putting on our bathing suits, heading to the beach was much needed. The sand was white, warm and soft, something I adore! The view made me questioned if my brain was really seeing these beautiful colors.

This exotic island had it all, the tropical food, lots of coconuts (yum), and everything for the most pleasant week.

Of course, nothing can make this article better than the pictures below, enjoy everyone! The pictures are not edited or changed so if you’re questioning the blue of the ocean, don’t you worry, your eyes are not lying!