If the pizza picture doesn't make you click on this post, then maybe my story on how we got lost in Venice will. Check it out!

No Phones, no Maps: Getting Lost in Venice

I got lost in Venice and this is what happened.


After a long day visiting Venice and strolling around the cutest little places, we got ready for a wine night on a boat. Famished, we headed to a restaurant. I had pizza and it was too good, duh!

Wine on a Boat

After getting our Prosseco, an Italian white wine that sparkles a bit, we sat in the little wooden boats. We were ready to drink! We purposely started our night early to not come home too late since we had no WiFi… and a bad sense of orientation, Therefore, getting home at midnight was playing it safe.

Little did we know, the place was dark. We didn’t know where to go and getting back to our place was going to be one big challenge. Around midnight, we started going and quickly got frustrated that we couldn’t find our way! We passed by the Piazza San Marco. 10 times from every single corner with no sense of where we needed to go. We asked people in the streets but around 2 am, everyone was starting to go to bed. The only thing around us was boats and water.

3AM and Still Lost

We really were desperate and sleeping outside was part of our plan at this point. Around 3 am, all our phones died and we just sat down and all looked at each other angry, tired, but still laughing. We got back up, decided this time we needed to find our apartment! After screaming at one another, walking into rats, cats and drunk people, we found our apartment.This was one hell of a good memory!

Did you ever lose your sense of direction in Venice? Totally understandable!