Everything you need to order when visiting Kodimoto, definitely the best sushi restaurant in Montreal, Canada

What to Get at Kodimoto

Chef’s Specialty
Sushi Pizza
Salmon and Avocado Rolls
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Sashimi Plate
Sashimi Plate
Chef’s Surprise


I’ve lived in Montreal 12 years before moving to Israel and so I can practically tell you that I’ve tried all of the sushi places there.

My Fave

My preferred and chosen spot to have the best sushis is definitely Kodimoto, located on Jean Talon St. The ‘sushi pizza‘ as a starter is something you guys all need to try out, I can’t even describe how good it is. It is round shaped with crispy slices topped with crab and salmon tartare aside with seaweed and spicy mayo. YUM!

The ‘sashimi plate’, as you can see above, is beyond words! It is so fresh, it melts in your mouth the second you bite into it. The chef puts three types of raw fish in this starter and each one of them have their own unique taste. The vinaigrette is also marvellous.

Next up is my personal favourite, the ‘kodimon’, a roll that is rolled with fish and avocado instead of seaweed like any other sushi rolls. It is so tasty and honestly, one of the chef’s specialty. It is perfectly spicy, just the way I like it. What’s also so special about this restaurant is that you are able to tell the waitress to ask the chef to do anything he’d like. This always results in the nicest and most distinct plates since it is off the menu.

The restaurant itself has a really good vibe with high ceilings, cool art all around and engaging jazz and lounge music that brings such a good atmosphere for a great dinner with friends or family.

Because my family and I go eat there once a week, you guys are all allowed to call me a crazy sushi addict, it kind of is true. Oh well! If you guys are sushi lovers, this is definitely the place to go to

4820 Rue Jean-Talon O, Montréal, QC H4P