Real talk, Farine is my favorite restaurant in Montreal and by far one of the best.

This Italian based bakery and pizzeria has such fresh ingredients. All the meals you will get in front of you will leave you wanting to order the entire menu. I SWEAR!

The Food

The salads are delicious, not too filling and definitely perfect to share for two. I got the kale salad that has a mustard sauce with the crunchy kale leaves. It always the best biting into it. For the first time, I tasted the beetroot salad and it was one of my favorite. First, it’s impossible not to take a picture of it because it is made so nicely with such a nice touch to it. Second of all, you will finish it all in one minute guaranteed!

I obviously had to get the pastas since they are homemade and I never regret it! The carbonara sauce is a bit spicy but even if spices is not your thing, you will enjoy having it since the dough of the pastas is so fresh and perfectly cooked. The pizza was also as good, the ricotta was freshly put on top with basil leaves on top of the tomato sauce, a real delish!

The vibe of the place is artisanal, all wooden and small but totally charming, cozy and you will feel at home the second you walk in! The staff is super nice, the cooks are behind in the kitchen but will bring you what you ordered with the biggest smile!

It’s always a joy eating up there since it also is in the perfect neighbourhood of Montreal. Have you been at Farine?