Inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel located in Downtown Montreal, you will find La Maison Boulud. It is part of the top 10 restaurants in Montreal. The top chefs work hard in the kitchen. The service and staff are without any doubt extraordinary.

What I Ate

I had the salmon pastas last time I ate there and they were exquisite. The pastas were ‘aldente’, exactly the way I like it. The touch of basil on top was so fine. It gave the pastas the most amazing taste. For desert, we had peach with a rose sorbet.
I mean, look at the pictures below and you will totally understand what fine cuisine is right away.

Another time, we ordered the special schnitzel with tomato sauce spaghettis which was unreal! Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go eat there right now. For my birthday, I got the famous Belgium waffle topped with blackberries and strawberries, it really made my birthday special. The decorations of the restaurant and hotel, as you can see above, are always kept modern, classy and enchanting. What happens to be the coolest thing in this restaurant is the wooden pond with the ducks that stay there all summer long, refreshed in the water and looking at everyone eating and relaxing. It is such a pleasant and agreeable time, ah!

Every time we eat there, my grandfather loves to order the chocolate lava cake with the coffee ice cream and salted caramel topped all over the plate. I always end up eating the whole thing but I just can’t resist.

1228 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1H6


So yummy!


Belgium waffle
Decoration outside Maison Boulud
Salmon Pastas
Rose Ice Cream and Peach
Birthday Waffle
Decoration outside Maison Boulud