Welcome to Spicehaus! The scientific-atmosphere bar. From bartenders being dressed as pharmacists to getting your cocktail drink in test tubes, this place is called ’cocktail bar pharmacy’ for a reason. It is probably the only bar where you will be greeted by a skeleton at the entrance and sit down around flasks and a unique ambiance. The drinks are not only colourful, but mouthwatering and delicious. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to drink from a test tube?

What Drinks to Get

I recommend the drink called ’Istanbul-Louisville Express’, a cocktail based on gin and rose-tea with petals and orange decor, exactly like the one in the pictures below. I only went to Spicehaus twice but each time was amazing. The bartenders will ask you if you rather sweet or sour cocktails. Then, based on your preference, they will recommend you what to get from the menu. The burgers were also pretty incredible. Super tasty and small bites.

Don’t freak out if you see lingerie hanging on the windows, you’re at the right place!

Dizengoff St 117, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel