Well one out of the seven wonders of the world is now checked off of my list!


Hello Rome!

Colosseum and Pantheon, we definitely made it in Rome! The colosseum was everything I thought it was! The waiting line was pretty long though, but obviously super worth it since it is one of the seven wonders of the world. The view is spectacular, from every side, really.

Heads up, read a bit about the history of this place before heading out there, I didn’t and really regret it. Thankfully, the tours there and the information on the walls of the entrance gave me a quick glimpse of it all. After this visit, our feet were hurting and we were so tired but that didn’t stop us from walking through the ancient and destroyed buildings from the ruins.

For a little break, we ate the most perfect, creamy and fluffy tiramisu. We finished it in less than two minutes and then walked to the Pantheon, the second must when in Rome. i also studied this ancient Roman temple, being in it for real was super cool. The architecture of it, I could explain for hours so I won’t get into it, however, the dome has a beam on the top which leaving a round sun spot inside the dome.

Rome was everything I dreamed of! Day 1 was one of the best day of my life and I am ready for what’s coming up next!

The Colosseum