From pastas to... pastas

The Capital of Northern Italy: Venezia


So the minute I landed in Italy, I just wanted to run over town to get pastas and gelato right away. HOWEVER, little did I know, it would take us about 5 hours until we had the time to sit down and eat because Venice is ALL over water. Yup, that’s right, boat taxis, boat buses, boats everything. So when I landed, met up with my three best travel buddies, we waited in line for a boat taxi to take us to the main point of the city.

From there, we took a boat bus bringing us to our neighbourhood. After putting our luggages down and strolling around the place, we tried on Venetian masks, went on a gondola, had gelato and then sat down to have THE best pastas ever. I got tomato sauce pastas because that’s my absolute fave but my best friend had the Alfredo ones and they honestly were as tasty! Ah, would do anything to have these again.

The architectures, buildings and colours around us were simply beautiful. Everything was charming and so pleasant to look at. Day 1 in Venice was one of the best and most astonishing place to visit. Cannot wait for tomorrow, as we have a long day ahead of us visiting and touring around.

Thanks for stopping by today, ciao!