Le Loft is ready to greet you!

On the 18th floor of the Sofitel Hotel, a cool hidden bar waits for you to come in and have a drink.

For a good night out with your friends, this spot is the perfect one. The line in the lobby of the place isn’t too long and it is worth the wait, trust me! Once you are sitting down, you will face a panoramic view of Vienna by night with a ceiling full of earthy and bright colors just like you can see below.

The drinks are a 5 on 5. Whatever you want, the waiter will make for you. We got lucky and got a special bartender drink which was so good we had to order it twice! You really will have a good time at this classy bar, I promise you all! If you guys are from Vienna reading this, you must know how amazing this place is. If you are tourist visiting, you must try it out!

I am not great at cocktail decisions and Le Loft made it so much easier for me. What’s better than a bartender persuading you to let him make a special cocktail for you?

Only piece of advice, try to dress up nice when going there. Some people couldn’t get in because they were wearing sneakers which sucks. Heels out girls!

Thanks for stopping by today, xx

Le Loft Cocktails