Thank you Lehem VaHetzi for making me feel in Paris this morning.

Being born in Paris, I know what a good French breakfast is like. I also know the difference between a good croissant and a bad one.

In Israel, I’ve been having a bad time finding good bakeries with good pastries but Lehem Vehezi really impressed me. The shop is right in front of my boyfriend’s apartment so I eat breakfast there every time I sleep at his. The staff wakes up at about 5 am to start getting their breads and pastries ready, a clear sign everything is so fresh. One bite of the croissant and I know my day will be a good one.

Where is it?

The place is located in the heart of Tel Aviv and tables are also put outside so you can sip your coffee with a ray of sunshine. What makes this place special to me is the plants, the quotes and the decorations there is inside, don’t miss out on the mug that is made out of coffee beans. I mean, how cute!