Israelis bargaining for a price on this shirt, tourists buying sweaters at every corner and children eating spicy humus while licking their fingers. Yes, you are at the right place, the famous HaCarmel Market. In the heart of this middle eastern city, you will find the best Mediterranean spices, dried olives, fruits and much more. You can and will find anything you want at this Shuk. In Hebrew, Shuk means an open air food market and lucky you, you’ve arrived at the busiest market in Israel.

Why is it so Special?

There is no where else in the world where you can to set a price for a gold earrings or silver rings you really want, except at Shuk HaCarmel. Ask the venders once, they will say no. Ask them twice, they will shake their head and once again say no. But ask them a third time and they will probably nod their heads yes. It is easy bargaining with Israelis, you just say how much you have left in your wallet and that is pretty much it. Venders will even give you free colorful beaded bracelets that can last longer than you think. So go ahead and experience the price negotiating, it is a fun thing to do.

When you say the word ‘’Israel’’, everyone automatically think of the disrespectful manners Israelis have; how loud they speak and how no rules are applied there. The Shuk perfectly represents the Israeli culture and it is wonderful to watch what people buy, see artists come to paint, draw and sell their art, to see photographers taking memorable pictures of what is going on, and to see children running everywhere not scared of getting lost in this overflowing space. You don’t have to stay an hour, but only five minutes is enough to realize you are shopping in the heart of the Middle East.

I’d love to hear everyone’s experience at the Shuk so don’t forget to leave a comment below! Xx

HaCarmel St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel