For those who know me, sushi has always been my favourite food, after pasta of course, and it’s been so difficult for me to find a good sushi place in Israel. Thankfully, TYO really has an amazing fresh and appetizing fish and if I could go every single day, I would!

What to Get at TYO

I can’t even start with what to take as starters because everything is so good! The ‘salmon tataki’ is a must, it consists of pieces of raw salmon topped with a jalapeño piece and a vinaigrette sauce in the plate, so tasty. Another starter that I just can’t not get when I eat at TYO is the crispy tuna piece. I don’t know what the name of this starter is exactly but it is a tuna tartare on top of a crispy tempura piece. Again, a small slice of jalapeño is on top aside with green fish eggs. Just looking at the pictures below are making me hungry ah! My favourite sushis rolls are the ‘New York’, ‘Taro Salmon Roll ‘and ‘Spicy Tuna and Salmon’, they are beyond! I trust you all to get these if you have the opportunity to go. And of course, you guys should all get a cocktail aside and I highly recommend to get the ‘Lichee Break’, a sort of martini that is lip-smacking. Ah! So excited to hear from everyone who’s been, let me know what you guys think!

Oh, and that’s my face when I went to TYO and got a free desert. I was pretty happy.

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Montefiore St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel