They say shopping could be a cardio. I guess it’s true because I probably lost weight walking around all day in Milan. First, just looking at the window displays made me drool over everything. Second, the decor inside the boutiques were extraordinary.

Whenever I fly to Paris or Montreal, the window displays are also so alluring and tempting. Especially in December, for Christmas! Downtown Montreal makes everything so nice, sparkly and shiny. But in Milan, the window displays are endless and brilliant; you will want EVERYTHING. I really wonder how long did it take them to make such nice elegant decors.

Above, is the display for Dior. Below, is some other stores, Hermes, Burberry, Prada, Bonpoint and more.

Shopping Time!

Stores after stores, step after step, I just wanted to get every bag, pair of shoes and tops the stores had. Not only Milan has the trendiest stores but the colors and work they put into their window displays really came through. It was beyond and I will let you see that for yourself.

Going back to Switzerland is making me sad. I could really stay in Italy at all times. It really is one of my favourite countries of Europe.

Are you guys obsessed with window displays as much as me?

Milan, Italy