Why you Need to Add More Fun in Your Life

I was bored today and decided to finally take action upon it. I’ve been bored quite a lot recently (sad since I live in New York City I know) and I always get lazy to do anything. So I watch shows, shows and shows. After finishing Shitsel (an Israeli show of two seasons and 24 episodes to be exact) and watching 7 episodes of When Heroes Fly, I had enough of it.

I went to Blick (the arts and craft store of Manhattan) and bought some canvas, paint, and glitter. I wanted to paint something. Anything, I didn’t care if it was perfect or whatsoever. I always loved to draw and paint when I was little so I decided why not paint again!

Here’s a little piece of advice: do something fun, for absolutely no purpose.

When there are no purposes, there are no pressure to achieve anything. I decided to paint, knowing it could turn out to be the ugliest painting ever. And I just did it for the fun of it. We can get so carried away by our daily routine that we often forget about the little things that sparks us joy. What my favorite author Gretchen Rubin says is that if you want to do something fun and you have no idea what it is, think about what you liked doing when you were ten year old and didn’t have any goal into achieving anything specific.

She was definitely right!

Instead of painting, reading, going out to sit at the park, we get caught up on our phones, texting, calling, facetiming, but not actually doing anything valuable with our time. We work, we strive for success, we look ahead and think of the destination when sometimes, it is the journey you have to enjoy.

I learned something so important today. Knowing myself enough, I know that I am a person that likes to get things done fast, quite often. I often get lost in the process of things and forget to enjoy all of it but rather, I think of the finished process.

Today, while painting, I made sure to enjoy every minute of it – literally. It was the best thing I could have done for myself.

So why do you need to add more fun with your life?

Because after you do whatever it is that brings you pure joy, you will feel calmer, happier, more satisfied, more complete, and like you achieved something incredible! I always thought finishing up all of the tasks on my to do list was satisfying, but this 2 hours activity today ended up being more fulfilling than anything on my list.

Second of all, you will also get into a zone. A zone where no one can disturb you, no one can make you do anything else than you are doing right now, and that is the best kind of feeling.

Now that you guys know more,

Whenever you are feeling a bit burnt out by your daily routine, make sure to take this time to reflect and think of what truly sparks fun and joy in YOUR life. It could be anything! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Today, tomorrow, and every other day, have more fun in your life!