Salty hair and ocean air on the island of San Salvador

Is the Bahamas beach your therapy too? It is mine forsure!


Nothing is better than to wake up with an ocean view, birds chipping and the sun shining on your skin! My morning routine in the Bahamas was waking up early to enjoy the early walk on the beach. I usually would walk alone with music in my ears while everyone else is sleeping and that was relaxing as ever!

I then headed to eat breakfast, the buffet had everything. The food ranged from omelettes with mushrooms and herbs to pancakes with chocolate syrup! It was hard to eating everything. Afterwards, back to the beach, tanning on a long chair and enjoying the beach waves and the sounds of it.

The color of the water still gets to me each time.

What is your kind of day when you visit an island? Like you read above, mine is definitely relaxing by the beach.