In the lobby of the Hotel Parker Meridien lays a hidden burger restaurant that will forever change your burger game forever. I swear, before Burger Joint, I didn’t know what a good bun was (sounds so cheesy, forgive me).

What to Expect

Before you walk in, and the line can be up to two hours sometimes so I highly recommend you going at a good time, you will smell the good meat and see the most amazing walls, filled with signatures, stickers, people’s quotes and comments everywhere.

The menu is simple, written above you so you have time to choose before you order, which I think is great! There are no waiters, no menu to read once you ordered and at Burger Joint, you can just sit down and relax!

The cheeseburger is bomb, the regular one is bomb too and the fries are even better, I swear, everything about this place is AMAZING!

Hope you all can go and if you do, hope you see my BrandTravels stickers there!

Also super happy because I finally reached over 1,000 likes on my FB Page!

Le Parker Meridien, 119 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019, USA