Café Olimpico it is!

Let’s head to Café Olimpico today!

If you’re heading to Montreal’s Old Port and the weather is not on its good side, Olimpico is where you should go to. The café is attached to a boutique hotel which makes the atmosphere much more cozier and you will want to sit down to have a drink. The boutique hotel is a trendy, new and modern one that recently opened. They have a private closing store and cute furniture all around. It is the perfect ambience for a good hot coffee in the gloomy Montreal weather.

The story of this Café goes way beyond the Old Port place. To read more about their story, head over to their website. It is so interesting!

The coffee is done by the best Italian machine. Yup, the big red ones that you guys are picturing in your head. The service is very quick. If you are grabbing something to go, you will have it in the next two minutes. If you are sitting down, you will get your plate in a second! You will definitely feel at home while sipping on your espresso. The pastries on the booth will leave you getting one forsure. Montreal’s weather can be pretty unpredictable but either it is summer or winter, you will always have a good time when you walk into Café Olimpico.

What’s your fave kind of coffee?

419 Rue Saint Vincent, Montreal Canada