You might read the word Instagram and be like, oh my god. This girl only talks about the Instagram industry… but this is not it. Have a good reading and happy you guys tuning in on here.

Here It Goes

I was speaking on the phone to someone I care much about the other day and we were talking about Instagram. We were disucssing influencer who are posting pictures and tagging brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. And the stupidity of it just came straight to my mind. Why the need to tag these brands? To show off? For fashion inspiration? What if someone cannot afford a Chanel purse and sees it on their Instagram feed? Will it make them work harder to get one? Or just be less of a motivation?

The more I live in New York City, the more I realize everything is about money. And I wonder if those people, who I see in the street with their Hermes purse and fur coats, living on the penthouse of a luxurious building in front of Central Park are truly happy. Can money make a significant other happy?

I wish I could interview random couples in the street and ask them… but I can’t! So I spoke to people around me whom I know.

I’ve spoken to friends who proudly say they are into their man for money. To the man who say they love spoiling their girls. To the girls who feel take out her card and it’s a share-share situation. And I’ve also spoken to the kind where the idea of money basically destroyed a relationship.

By speaking to people around me and people who are close to me, I’ve come to a conclusion that money is destructive. Without money, we can’t go on gorgeous dates. With no money, we can’t rent a helicopter and go on a ride around the city. Without it, we can’t purchase a gorgeous piece of jewelry for our loved ones. But since all is relative, we should ask ourselves if we really do want these things. And if we can’t afford it, do we have to beat ourselves down for it?

Buying and Buying

Living in New York City, a city of consumerism and non-stop buying, shopping, spending, makes me realize that society defines this need to buy, buy, and buy! If everybody lived a minimalist lifestyle, we would be content with what we have. We wouldn’t look for more. We wouldn’t need more. And we would be happy eating pad-thai on our kitchen floor using our hands and acting silly.

This blog post may not make any sense, but I’ve decided to just write everything and anything on it from now on. I’m done writing posts on eye creams and protein bars, as it interests absolutely no one. All I can do now is write about legitimate things that people can actually relate to.

Over the past two months, I have matured in so many ways.  I’ve had time to think of so many little important things in life. I’m aware of what my core values are, I know what I want, I know the good, the bad, the normal. Also, I do things that have no explanations to it. Things that are beyond my control. I thought I knew who I was, but I don’t just yet. I still have one year and a half left in New York City, and I truly hope that I will have it all figured it out by then.

Until next time, SB.