Luxurious canal houses and other cool facades I couldn't help take pictures of!

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Good Morning Amsterdam!

Still being a cold day in Amsterdam, my boyfriend and I woke up and right away put on our scarves. We stopped by a smoothie shop that had all natural fruits and veggies that looked amazing! I think this is the best place for smoothies in Amsterdam.

We both got an avocado, banana, kale and other things which I forget. I know the mix doesn’t sound the best but it really was delicious! We drank it all in less than 10 minutes.

Afterwards, we spent the entire day just walking around the place, taking tramways to see a bit of the city all around and it was the perfect day! The sky was grey but slowly turned into blue which put a smile on both of our faces. The architecture is European but so unique in Amsterdam, there are bridges everywhere with luxury canals all around.

I really love this city. The air is fresh, the people are friendly and everything about it is just marvellous and interesting! If you’ve been here before, I’d love to know restaurant recommendations, so let me know!

There are also bikes everywhere, I really think there are more bikes than car in this city, no joke. We wanted to rent some but it didn’t end up happening unfortunately, but it’s definitely on my list for next time. We did go on a boat tour that took us around the city though… it was pretty fun!

Thanks for stopping by today, xx