I’ve always been told that Greece was a beautiful country yet, unexplainable. I totally understand why now. First, the caption says it all: THERE ARE ONLY 23 CABS ON THE ISLAND! Ladies and gents, if you need to book a cab in advance for the airport, you better sure do so!

Greece is a combination of white architectural building in a contrast of clear blue ocean all around, it’s pretty hard not to call it paradise. I must warn you all that when you travel to Greece, you must prepare yourself to a totally different eating routine.

The Eating Routine

As in, breakfast around noon, lunch around 6pm and dinner at 12am before going out and coming back in your hotel room at 7am. It is completely unreal, yet the most amazing days you will spend there. I still haven’t gone to Santorini or another island than Mykonos but it was by far fabulous.

This is the kind of view you will see most of the times and it is pretty spectacular right? Then, when you head to Little Venice, the town of Mykonos, you will come across the cutest little stores, boutiques and hotels in the world! The stairways are also things you would never think of taking a picture of but in Greece, even those are super duper cute!

Things to Do

The best place to stay, in my opinion, is right next to the town since you can be there in 10 minutes with the ATV you can rent. It is such a great way of transportation there; everyone uses it during the day, at night, to go clubbing, to go from places to places. Parking is easy and the renting of the ATV is at a decent price!

As for the food, grilled salmon and rice is delicious there. Of course, don’t forget the FETA! I don’t care if you don’t like cheese, feta is bomb. It’s even better in Greece so you all better try it!

I am flying back to Tel Aviv tonight. For any restaurant recommendations, places to see and visit, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be so happy to help you out! Xx