The Perfect Weekend Getaway

If you’ve read my previous post about Eilat, you know that I went swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin Reef. But this weekend getaway was different. I went to party with my school and friends in the Southern Israeli city! And let me tell you all that it was a pretty crazy 3 days!

Eilat was founded in 1951 and is Israel’s most southern city. This city has a desert climate; very hot during the day, and cool-is at night! I’ve taken buses to Eilat in the past but this time, I decided to fly since it is only 45 minutes. You literally put on music on your phone and after 5 songs, the plane is already landing; how amazing is that?

Yam Suf Isrotel

The hotel I stayed at was absolutely beautiful! It wasn’t one next to the airport like all of the others but one more North next to the Dolphin Reef. When I walked in, I was amazed by the modern and chic decor of the reception. And let me tell you about the two gigantic blue pools: a dream! There were chairs around it but also big white couches to lie down in the sun. After 3 days there and with the help of carrot oil, I got some pretty colors!

The food at the hotel was delicious! I only had the breakfast there since it was included with our stay. The buffet had so many things! Too many that I didn’t even know with what to start eating. Omelette, fresh fruits, salads, pancakes and waffles; there was everything and anything you ever dream of for breakfast. The staff was very helpful for anything I wanted & it was such a delight staying at this hotel.

As much as we were partying, it was also so relaxing to stay at such a beautiful place.

My Eilat Outfits

Imagine this. 35 degrees. Sunny. Sometimes cloudy still very hot. This is the weather in Eilat. Since we were partying and dancing non-stop, I decided to pack light! And by light I mean, bathing suits and more bathing suits! I got mine from Zara and Forever 21 & I cannot live without them. If you have any questions about where I got my cover ups, just send me a message on Instagram.

So that’s about it for my Eilat getaway! If you guys are looking for a trip somewhere different in Israel, this is the city you want to go to! There are many restaurants, great beaches and gorgeous hotels you need to visit. I cannot wait to see you guys head there, xx