Last weekend, I experienced the most amazing hour while dog sledding in the North of Montreal. Before you guys scroll down to see pictures of the huskies tied up to the sled, I just want to tell you all that all the huskies there are perfectly trained, safe and nicely treated. I was actually worried myself that they would have to run every hour in such a cold weather and not being fed enough.

When you head up in the mountain and the first thing you see is a hundreds of dogs tied up with chains, you get a bit nervous!

About the Dogs

The people working there actually explained me that the dogs are tied up for obvious security and safety reasons. They wouldn’t want the dogs to attack others or run down the mountain.

The chains are not put in any harmful way. As for the weather, huskies are MEANT to work and be in this weather. Apparently, they love it. Let me know who else loves a -20 degree weather! The day we went up there, the weather was -2 degrees. That’s  even hot for them!

Next up, going on the sled!

My friend, Tamar was going to control the dogs and I was sitting in the sled trusting her with my life. I was SO nervous at the beginning but this was literally a friendship trust activity which turned out pretty good!

For 45 minutes, we were in a forest, going right, left, up and down some mountains with a beautiful scenery of huskies running freely in front of them and of trees, snow, white and green all around! It was truly such a beautiful morning and this is THE activity you all should do when coming to Canada! A truly amazing Canadian experience I must say!

Oh and, another reason why you MUST go dog sledding: THEY SHOW YOU THE HUSKIES PUPPIES AT THE END OF THE ACTIVITY! YOU CAN PET AND CUDDLE WITH THEM! Sorry, this just was the highlight of my day there! Bye now!

For more information on where I did it, contact me!