Hotcrown Jewelry is one of a kind. Behind every amazing business, there is a story. This one, guys, is one you don’t want to miss hearing!

The Story

This is the story of a jewelry business store that came to life with an extraordinary love story.  But before finding the perfect husband and a full time job, Ginat moved to Tel Aviv after finishing her degree. She was never lazy and always kept herself busy and on the go. She was living the Telavivian complete dream. The only thing missing in her life was love.

She met Yisgav in the street and thought he was cute. She gave him her number. It took two days but he did call! He was working as a CPA, accountant and working hard like her.

While Ginat was working as a copywriter and Yisgav as an accountant, their lives were pretty busy. They both were hardworking and had crazy hours of work everyday. Everything was perfect except that it was hard spending time with one another because of work. They come home around 11pm, woke up early. That’s when they both thought, why don’t we open our own business?

At first, it was a joke. Later on, it became real! On Sundays, they opened booth and stands in Herzliya Pituach and started selling jewelry. It was going really well. Yisgav started studying jewelry on Fridays when he didn’t have work. Slowly but surely he created some jewelry and they started selling it. They were both getting phone calls for orders so he decided to take some days off rom his full time job. The calls were so numerous that Ginat quit her job so Yisgav could stay at his.

This got bigger and bigger to the point where Yisgav had to quit his job too. They wanted their customer to feel like queens, royal, chic and elegant. That’s why they went with the name, Hotcrown

Elegant and Chic

After the interview with Ginat, she showed me around some of the pieces they had in store. Everything from rings to necklaces were beyond gorgeous… and shiny.

Their latest collection is called, “queens of France” and I definitely understand why. The diamonds are exactly what a queen would wear. It is big, not too much and perfectly graceful. I tried on some of the rings and Ginat said: ” doesn’t it make you feel like a queen?” YES IT DID!

The jewelry is all handmade, and could also be custom made. It ranges from 14k to 18k gold and conflict-free diamonds.

As I was about to leave, Ginat gave me a small present, the classic Hotcrown ring shaped with their logo. I’ve been wearing every day since!

Thank you Hotcrown for such a fun tour of your store. I can’t wait to see how big this company gets!

Dizengoff St 209, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Dizengoff St 209, Tel Aviv-Yafo