In lower Manhattan, one of the trendiest neighbourhood in New York happens to take its place. Hundreds of artists open their galleries there, fashion designers have their boutiques and the people visiting New York? Well, they come to SoHo and shop there all day long.

The Subway

I got to SoHo by the famous New York subway after getting my morning black coffee. I got off at Prince Street. Mercer, Greene, Prince, Spring… All these street names were just waiting for me to walk and shop near them. First of all, the amount of shoes all the stores had was unbelievable. Any model, any color, ANY shoes you want, SoHo has it all.

A funny store we went into was called Balloon Saloon. A store only things to prank people with were in display such as fake poop, candies that turn into soap, and other ridiculous things that hides in books and balloons.

If you’re lucky enough, you might stroll by movie directors and producers filming a movie scene in the streets of SoHo, one of the most common place to shoot in New York City obviously. Here are some shots I got from a movie scene, can I just be part of it too?

As I walked by, I couldn’t help myself but stop at a booth that was outside where a guy was selling copies of scripts of all the best movies and TV show we all know. For lunch, I walked by Pinkberry and then again, couldn’t help myself but get a large original frozen yogurt with kiwi, mango and strawberries as my toppings; it’s simple and fresh, I highly recommend to anyone. It’s a fresh snack after a day of walking.

All the art you will see on the street will leave you speechless. From graffitis on the walls, to designers drawing at a café, this neighbourhoods’ 26 blocks and 500 buildings will last you the entire day to visit.