La Durée is a French symbol of delicious pastries.

Green pastel bags with lavender coloured boxes. All filled with chocolate, vanilla, rose, pistachio, and strawberry macaroons. You’re definitely at the right place, La Durée. Ah! This place is heaven!

It is really hard not to get all of the macaroons disposed in front of your face. When you walk in this shop, you will be tempted. First, the entire store smells of candies and sweets, something I find personally hard to resist. The candles give such a good strong scent too.

Second, the staff is so welcoming and charming. They’ll persuade you to get the bigger box of macaroons, and it works each time! Last but not least, the decoration of the shop is fabulous. I mean, look at the pictures above, crystal chandeliers are all over the place, with macaroons decorations all around and beautiful little details you can see everywhere you turn your head.

When do I Buy Macaroons?

I usually buy the macaroons at the Paris airport like that I can have them while I travel. It is also amazing to buy some in the streets of Paris. I used to only buy macaroons but for the first time last year, I bought candles and I do not regret it! I got the scented caramel one but there was about 25 different scents and I seriously wanted to get them all! I light it up everyday in my room for 15 minutes and the whole space smells like caramel, a real heaven! La Durée is a MUST-TRY, especially in Paris, so treat yourself with the best macaroons everyone!

Oh and for all of you chocolate lovers, don’t forget to have the well known hot chocolate, it is with any doubts the most incredible hot chocolate I’ve had. The texture is thick so you can really taste the chocolate melting in your mouth.

If you guys ever went into La Durée, comment below to let me know what you got, I’d love to know!


France, 75 Av. des Champs-Élysées