Spring and Summer Ready-to-Wear 2017

The Surrealist Milan Fashion Designer: Vivetta


Vivetta, the Milan based designer, obviously has the best taste in fashion! There is so much to say about this colourful and insane collection that I don’t even know where to start. First, as chic as every outfits are, they are also so perfect to wear during the day.

If you look closely at all the small details, you will see how unique all of Vivetta’s pieces are. Those pink shoes with bows on it, the simplicity of this floral dress is not as simple as it may look. Those ruffles on the sleeves too. Everything Vivetta does, she succeeds in doing. Why is she surrealist? I’ll let you think of it for a minute!

The floral prints are presents in most of the pieces giving a spring and summer feels to the outfits. The shoes are also so perfect! The pink ones you can see above are to die for! I would totally pair those with a pair of jeans, a skirt or a dress, basically anything! The cute bows definitely give a feminine touch to it all.

Which look is YOUR fave?  If you haven’t looked at the collection, you better check it out right now.

Thanks for stopping by today, xx