I was lucky enough to have stayed at the Herods Hotel in Herzliya for a few days. I was even more lucky when my room was upgraded to a suite on the last floor with a breathtaking view.

The Hotel

As you can see above, I was facing the sea, the port, also called ‘marina’. The boats were there too which was pretty spectacular. The suite has a huge balcony with chairs so I was able to tan all day long without anyone bothering me. The best part of this magnificent view was the sunset. Once again, my favourite part of my day. The service of the hotel was very good, the staff always helpful. Always answering your questions, and always here if you need the smallest things. The breakfast is a buffet that has so many to offer, from scrambled eggs to a very special hummus, your plate will get full very quickly and so will you! Lastly, the pool was also sensational, always at its best temperature, not filled with too many people and chairs all around to tan on. Can I just stay there forever please?


I’d love to know if you guys ever stayed at this hotel as well so don’t forget to leave a comment!


HaOgen St 11, Herzliya, 4655112, Israel