When you’re a Montrealer, you’re cold and freezing for six months a year. A little beach, surfboard atmosphere and Cali vibe are MUCH needed! Thankfully, Venice opened in Montreal’s Old Port. I’ve never felt happier to go eat there during a cold day in the city.

Not only the service is quick but the staff is extraordinary. They will make you feel at ease when you get into the place. You will quickly be served the menu and asked for something to drink which is the first things a customer wants to get while entering a restaurant.

What to Get

The menu is kept simple but with super cool things to eat. There’s avocado and poached egg toasts, tuna or salmon poké bowls, guacamole and other fun stuff. As for the drinks, the smoothies all look delicious. I ordered the fresh lemon, grapefruit, cayenne pepper, apple, pineapple and orange juice instead that was incredible! It was spicy but that’s just how I like it!

I highly recommend everyone to hop in their car and drive to this place that will leave you wanting for more! Even if you are full from the entire meal, you won’t resist getting a desert.

Thanks for stopping by today, xx