Took pictures of things I wasn't allowed to and got in museum by the exit... Rome adventures


Taking Pictures at the Vatican City

The Vatican City was quite the place to be at. The creation of Adam was the painting I was most excited to go see in Italy. Today was a really cool day, obviously still having pastas for lunch and taking pictures of the paintings we saw on the walls.

However, we have new adventures each time and the funniest memories.

Today, well, we didn’t get into the world’s largest basilica of Christianity because we weren’t dressed properly for it. So a little tip for everyone going to this place.

Be there latest 9pm as the waiting line is over two hours.

Secondly, make sure to HAVE  a sort of clothing to put over to not be underdressed.

Instead, we went to the Sistine Chapel, where the Creation of Adam is on the ceiling of the chapel. We were NOT allowed pictures but I somehow managed to take one on selfie mode… oops. The painting illustrates a biblical chapter in the book of Genesis and has so much history to it.

And in the afternoon, we got in a museum for free and not because it was free, because we somehow got in the exit by accident and then just visited it all backwards. We laughed until the next day. You can follow all of these adventures on Instagram. 

See ya Rome!