Welcome to Suramare! Who thought one of the coolest place in Tel Aviv would have an underground parking entrance full of cool art and graffitis? Believe it or not, Suramare’s entrance is definitely worth the walk down!

After going through the parking lot, you will get on an elevator to bring you to a panoramic view of Tel Aviv with cool loud music that will make you want to dance.

What to Get!

The menu ranges from amazing small dishes such as mini hamburgers and grilled vegetables to spicy cocktails and sweet sour drinks; you will love it! I got the asian salad which had edemame, seaweed and little noodles topped with an asian sauce, it was delicious! We then got the most incredible pizza, crunchy crust and lots of mozzarella, yum! The hamburgers were divine, I am not a meat lover but totally enjoyed eating those! Don’t be scared to order anything on the menu, everything looks and is great!

The ambiance is so fun as well; there are trees inside the place up to the ceiling. People are sitting around, on the corners, and in the middle, eating, drinking and just enjoying their night. And I sure enjoyed mine too! Hope you enjoy these cool pics I took with my Iphone, didn’t have my camera with me unfortunately!

Se’adya Ga’on St 24, Tel Aviv-Yafo