Two Girls, One City

If you guys are usual BrandTravels readers, I must introduce you to this new segment of my page that I will be writing with my roomie, Olga Cohen. Say hello to LIFE IN NEW YORK CITY.

Before we get started, quick introduction. Drum rolls please.

Olga and I met in Montreal and went to high school together. And no I will not be posting year book pictures. After high school, we went on with our lives and actually didn’t speak once. We went our separate ways during college but things took a turn when we both got accepted to Parsons, in New York City last year. Stubborn as I am, I wanted to live alone in New York City and Olga reached out to me to live together. I said no. Then I said maybe. And then I said yes. And so, in August 2018, we moved in together in the heart of Manhattan.

Sharon (left) Olga (right)

And it has been the most incredible time. We have popcorn and watch Sex and the City in front of a New York City views, we talk about anything and everything, we discuss real life topics, we surround our lives with the best positive energy possible. We wake up and stuff happens EVERY SINGLE DAY to us either good, bad, horrible, or funny. It’s been a month that we were thinking of starting a page like this. We think the world needs a good laugh, and God knows we can make this happen.

Most importantly, every guys and girls will relate to the stories we have to say. And so, there it is, out in the online world: our chronicles and adventures.

On this note, we truly hope to make you laugh with our stories, but to also reflect on them as much as we do.

This will be very exciting. We cannot wait to start sharing with you guys what we have to say.

Yours truly, Sharon & Olga