This Year, Get Ready for the Holidays with Viviane Guenoun

Last week in New York, I received the most incredible package since a very long time. But let’s rewind back in time.

I’ve always loved a unique pair of earrings in my jewelry box. Ever since I got my ears pierced, I have always worn earrings of all kinds: clear pearls, simple diamonds, big gold hoops, a rock n’ roll stud style, and more.

It’s only been this year really, that I’ve been into big statement earrings. Whenever I go shopping, I look for some to add to my collection. I came across Viviane Guenoun’s Instagram page this year and I did NOT hesitate one second to message her about her jewelry.

Viviane Guenoun’s style is unique. The earrings are a mixture of both feathers, hoops, long, puffy, and details to die for! This, my friends, is a real statement piece that you all need you have.

I tried on one of the two pairs last week and I was shocked by how light the earrings were. Usually, earrings as big as these are so heavy on the lobe that when it’s the moment to take them off, I feel like I just pulled out an elephant from my face. But these! No words to describe how light they are! I made my friends hold them and they couldn’t believe it as well.

And apart for the weight of it, look how cute and fabulous they look!

And so this year, for the 2018 Jewish holidays that I will be celebrating, I am happy to say I will be putting on my Viviane Guenoun’s statement earrings. I am so excited to be pairing them with my planned outfits. And I cannot wait for everybody to head on her website to buy them as well.

Thank you Viviane Guenoun for pampering me for the holidays!