Are you a big fan of fresh smoothies and delicious fruits cut in pieces? You won’t be deceived if you get a shake at Shake Point. Located in the centre Herzliya, this small booth has quite a lot of delicious refreshing fruits to offer. It might be small, but the shakes will put a BIG smile on your face.

The Shake to Get

As you stroll the street of Sokolov, you really won’t be missing the booth since it is neon pink and yellow. I totally recommend the ‘banana, dates and pecan’ shake or the ’banana, strawberry, mango with chia seeds as an extra’ one, they will make your day.

The texture of the drink is perfect. Not too heavy and not too light. Even a small one will fill you up for a morning breakfast.

Since my school isn’t too far away, I sometimes get a shake before walking to class. I finish it in one minute but I can’t help it! It’s just too good!

One sip of the shake and your day will be as fresh as the fruits you get and I can’t wait for you guys to say the same thing!

16 Sokolov, Herzliya Israel