My experience jumping from 14,000 feet in the air

So many people asked me how was skydiving and I wanted to share this adventure with all of you since forever. I hope all of you enjoy reading it!

So it all started when I went to Israel for two weeks. Since I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, and I knew Israel has the best equipment to do so because of the army, I decided to jump from a plane. And to drag my boyfriend with me.

Anxiety Before Jumping

As much as I was excited, I was a bit nervous too. Don’t want to tell you how my boyfriend was. His face changed colors three times in one minute.

I was asked to take off all my jewellery. Then stepped in the equipment, a super strong harness that went through my stomach and my thighs. When we got in the plane, we were all sitting vertically facing the front of the plane (THE PLANE WAS A UNIQUE ONE FOR JUMPS, it looks pretty weird and terrifying).

Being the second one to jump out, I really didn’t know I would feel this way when the back of the plane opened. All I could see was the sky and the clouds below me. I WAS LITTERALY 14,000 ft IN THE AIR. That’s when I seriously asked myself what was wrong with me and why did I decide to do this. Itt was kind of too late to back down now.

My instructor was attached behind me and he started crawling more to the open truck waiting for a signal to jump. That’s when I started screaming on top of my lungs, according to my boyfriend who was next to jump, saying things like : I’M NOT JUMPING, I’M NOT JUMPING! But in a matter of a second, the instructor jumped in the air, started with a flip and then balanced both of us in the air.

The Free Fall

The one minute fall was completely crazy, I can’t even explain how unimaginable it was, there are no words! It felt like I was flying and ruling the entire world! My body was above the clouds and going into them was the craziest experience, it felt like thick air. I jumped in January so it was pretty cold up there but I didn’t really complain about it because the adeline rush was so big that I couldn’t care less about anything.

After one full minute of flying in the air, the instructor opened his parachute and we then went back down slowly slowly.

My ears were completely blocked when I landed, I couldn’t hear one thing and I really regret not looking at tips online about this before having jumped because I was in so much pain.

We got our video and pictures and I never laughed so much looking at them. I posted the funniest ones I could find and the ones you guys will enjoy most looking at!

I’d really love to hear about your skydiving experience if you guys ever did it so leave a comment below.