Hi everybody! Yesterday, I asked you guys on Instagram what you want me to write about. To my surprise, so many people wrote, “Personal Stories”. I thought of one to write the ENTIRE day and miserably failed. Up until now. I really want to speak about what New York City is about. After all, people think it is the most magical place filled with the most ambitious people heading to the coolest bars and enjoying every moment of it.

Here’s the Unexpected Truth about New York City

I was also one of those people thinking New York City was magical. And it is! I love it here, so much! The energy, the drive, the constant on-the-go movement, I am made for this city! People always say that the ones who come here are here to do something special. As glamorous as New York City seems though, here’s what you guys really should know about this city.

The following list of things are things I have experienced, seen with my own eyes, and entirely my personal experience!

  1. Sex and the City made it seem like going to a bar is SO much fun. Reality? A cosmopolitan is $20 and all the fun places are downtown… totally sucks if you live uptown like I do. Going out here is literally spending what you could spend on a flight ticket.
  2. Trash everywhere. Yes, New York City does not have any bins to throw your garbage. So where does it go? Outside on the sidewalk.
  3. The smell. Right now during winter, the smell isn’t so bad but in the summer… it’s like a mixture of spoiled beans and eggs together.
  4. It’s easy to get lonely. The city is SO big that it’s so hard to keep in touch with everybody. You want to plan and hang out but sometimes life just gets in the way.
  5. Manhattan may seem small, but it’s enormous. The streets are so wide, the buildings are so high… I haven’t seen any stars in the sky because there is so much pollution here! Also, I don’t remember the last time I heard birds chirping… I used to be woken up by them in Israel!

Even though this is an article relating New York City, I still want to refer it as a personal story. I thought I’d want to live here for the rest of my life, and maybe I will who knows, but I’m starting to reconsider it all. Like I said, New York City might seem glamorous on Instagram but sometimes it really isn’t!

The Difference with Israel

I was talking with a friend yesterday on the idea of happiness in Israel and in New York. Were we happier in Israel than here? She said it’s a different kind of happy and I entirely agreed! In Israel, the sun, the beach, the Israelis, and being in this sort of family bubble is just a main factor of happiness. However, we’re in New York City now, following our dreams and that’s the other kind of happy.

I think deep down, Israel will always be home. New York is way too overwhelming for that. I’m curious about what you guys think relating New York City. New Yorkers or not, what do you think of this city?

Have a great night everybody, xx