Alps covered in snow


The famous Swiss Alps; how beautiful?

Do you like to ski? Or snowboard? If you answered yes to this question, Crans-Montana is the place for you! With the pictures above, you can see how beautiful those snowy mountains look. Well guess what, they look even better when you see them in real. It is spectacular, magnificent, everything you can imagine.

Some Tips

  1. Make sure to always have the gear with you at all times, falling and breaking something wouldn’t be fun. Helmet, gloves, scarves and goggles are a must! Don’t be stupid! Wear it all!
  2. Make sure to stop somewhere in the middle of the mountain and get a cheese fondue or the famous raclette. Switzerland is known for its famous cheese so do not forget to have a bite of it.
  3. GET A DAY PASS. Trust me on this one, a full day on the mountains is the best thing you could ever do.

Hope you all have fun skiing or snowboarding freely on the most astonishing mountains ever! The Swiss Alps are beyond! I would go again anytime if I could. Even though I had difficulty breathing, I checked some tips that really helped.

Thanks for stopping by today, xx