What else do you need when the food at Yankale is a restaurant is located five minutes away from the beach? Nothing.

What to Get

Salads, salads and salads
Caprese Sandwich
Cesar salad
Tomatoes Sauce Pastas

After a long day in the sun or before going down to the beach, it is always a great idea to stop by Yankale and get the famous ‘’caprese sandwich’’ which is just so good. The quinoa salad is also really refreshing on a hot summer day, it has little pieces of oranges, cranberries, onions, and goat cheese just like in the pictures above. If you have already been to this place.

Since I’ve been to Italy, I’ve become really picky with pastas but I can really say that Yankale has an amazing choice of sauces and pastas. My best friend ordered the ‘parpadele tomatoes sauce’ and I just had to taste some of it! I enjoyed them so much that I immediately regretted getting a salad. I know I’ll get pastas next time! Yum!

Yankale had some renovations. The restaurant is now completely new and cleaner than ever. The menu didn’t change so you don’t have to worry about that.

Khavatselet ha-Sharon St 36, Herzliya, Israel