Downtown Montreal, a busy place.

There’s quite a huge difference between summer and winter days in Montreal; it’s or you stay at home all day because if you go out, you’ll automatically become a frozen human or you can actually go out and enjoy the sun.

Downtown Montreal

On sunny days like yesterday, heading Downtown to shop with my girls was exactly what I needed. Downtown Montreal is the centre of the city, where all the modern shops, cool boutiques and hotels are located. So all of you would think that the shops are all outside right? Wrong! Montreal has an enormous underground mall with more than a hundred shops for people to shop during the crazy winter. Will be talking about this in another post though because it’s only really worth going if it’s -38 degrees and that’s definitely not the case right now.

Buying Candles

I first headed to Indigo, a bookstore that not only offers awesome books but also the coziest and cutest home and room furniture ever! I mean, I was standing in front of a hundreds of delicious Voluspa scented candles and that was probably the highlight of my day, ah! Decided to go for the goji berry, lychee pandora, bourbon vanilla and champagne and I am so obsessed with them! Really can’t wait to light them up for the most amazing smell. I then headed to other stores for some random errands. It was pretty hot outside so I wore a white cotton jumper from Zara and accessorized it with something different, a colorful bandana to give my outfit a pop of colour.

If you look in the pictures above, you can see that the city is always moving. People are always walking somewhere, heading to their favourite stores. The streets of Downtown Montreal have some of the best restaurants you can eat at and amazing boutiques around all corners so I find it pretty ridiculous when someone says there’s nothing to do Downtown. It is really a must when visiting Montreal and I encourage all of you to take a look for yourself.